Del primero al último (14/01/2011): RHCP


1. True men don’t kill coyotes (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

2. Out in L.A. (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

3. Blackeyed blonde (Freaky styley)

4. Catholic school girls rule (Freaky styley)

5. Fight like a brave (The uplift mofo party plan)

6. Behind the sun (The uplift mofo party plan)

7. Higher ground (Mother’s milk)

8. Stone cold bush (Mother’s milk)

9. Fire (Mother’s milk)

10. Give it away (Blood sugar sex magic)

11. Suck my kiss (Blood sugar sex magic)

12. Under the bridge (Blood sugar sex magic)

13. Aeroplane (One hot minute)

14. My friends (One hot minute)

15. Scar tissue (Californication)

16. Easily (Californication)

17. Road tripping (Californication)

18. Can’t stop (By the way)

19. Universally speaking (By the way)

20. Snow, Hey Oh (Stadium arcadium)

21. Tell me baby (Stadium arcadium)

22. Maybe (Live in Slane Castle)

23. Soul to squeeze (The coneheads soundtrack)

24. Love rollercoaster (Beavis and Buthead do America soundtrack)



~ por Gf.Sick en 15 enero, 2011.


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